About Snow Monkey

It was one cold afternoon in the Manang Valley, 15th February 1992, when I saw a trekking group getting back their way for not daring to cross the Thorng La Pass. At the very moment from the same Group, there came an American guy Mr. Michel who seems to be wondering, finding the way to cross it. I went nearby him and he asked me if i could cross the Pass or if i could help him crossing it. "YES i can" that was my short and instantly returned answer to him. Seems like he was a bit more interested... The very next moment, it was my job to find the hiking shoes on rent.

Knowing my intentions, he offered me to lend his normal sneakers if I could use it. Again it was my answer "YES". He was noticing all of my activities out there. Soon it began snowing heavily, i was on my job to cross the Thorong Pass and at last, we got the Victory. With my full excitement, i was jumping all around the snow, eating my hunger, my thirst with snow. Suddenly i heard him shouting at me.. Hey !! you are just like a 'SNOW MONKEY'.. and it was that moment i was honored by the name.. and it goes on.